these are our six most popular flavours

choc chip
white choc

feisty cow gelato and sorbet


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* these are new/ special edition flavours and are not always availble - please contact for more info *

almond and pistachio
the highest grade almond and pistachio paste, blended into our classic base mix gelato.

allergens: cows milk, nuts,
real bananas blitzed and mixed into our base mix gelato.

allergens: cows milk
blackcurrant crumble
blackcurrants blitzed into a fine pulp, and mixed into our base mix gelato with some crumble thrown in for good measure.
a cool treat, designed to warm you inside.

allergens: cows milk, gluten
gorgeous creamy coffee flavoured gelato, whats not to love?

allergens: cows milk
country fudge
caramelized gelato with chunks of country fudge. yum

allergens: cows milk, soya
*choc orange
chocolate gelato with a hint of sweet orange.

allergens: cows milk, soya
dark choc & mint
it doesn't have to be after eight to enjoy this fabulous gelato!
dark chocolate gelato with a hint of peppermint.

allergens: cows milk, soya
dark chocolate
high grade, Belgian chocolate melted into our gelato.
not bitter, nor sweet - just to die for.

allergens: cows milk, soya
*eton mess
designed for wimbledon 2019 but loved by so many!
just dairy gelato, rippled with fresh strawberry compote and pieces of meringue.

allergens: cows milk, egg, gluten
high grade hazelnut paste, mixed into our base mix gelato.
go nuts!

allergens: cows milk, nuts
irish cream
Irish cream is traditionally served on ice...
we thought we would keep it cold and blend it with our base mix gelato to create a rich, creamy, boozy icecream.
whats not to love?

allergens: cows milk
just dairy
this is our classic, base mix gelato - no flavour added.

Just milky, creamy and delicious

allergens: cows milk
lemon meringue
new to 2019!

sweet, lemony gelato with a smattering of meringue.


allergens: cows milk, egg, gluten
*lime & dark choc
new flavour.

sweet yet zingy lime gelato, with a smattering of dark chocolate

allergens: cows milk, soya
fresh mango pulp, folded through our base mix gelato.

totally tropical!

allergens: cows milk
mixed berry
why stick with just strawberries when you can have them all?

mixed berry gelato

allergens: cows milk
you'll go nutty for our milk chocolate and hazelnut praline gelato.

rich, creamy and nutty!

allergens: cows milk, soya, nuts
feel totally tropical and summery with this passionfruit gelato.

passionfruit pulp folded through our base mix gelato

allergens: cows milk
unlike our strawberry icecream, the raspberry has no bits - so is a firm favourite with the kids.

fresh & fruity.

allergens: cows milk
*salted caramel
does what it says on the tin.

caramel with a hint of salt. yum.

allergens: cows milk
spiced rum & raisin
dried fruit soaked in spiced rum, with a sprinkling of spices. mixed into our base mix gelato to create a taste sensation in your mouth.

allergens: cows milk
*white choc & raspberry
new flavour!

creamy gelato with a raspberry swirl and white chocolate shavings.

allergens: cows milk, soya
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lemon and lime sorbet
zingy lemon and lime sorbet - so refreshing!
mango and passionfruit sorbet
refreshing and tropical.
shut your eyes and you could be on a beach in the Bahamas!
*mixed berry sorbet
smooth, creamy like sorbet with blitzed berries.
*blood orange & lychee sorbet
new to this summer!

sweet, refreshing and a new flavour combination for your taste buds.
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